Employee Onboarding System

EOS by LincWare is an automated employee onboarding solution that strengthens compliance practices for state and federal hiring regulations and makes the hiring process more efficient than ever.

Benefits include:


Form I-9, right every time: built-in rules and formatting ensure every field is completed per government mandate. Then, finalize in-office after ID verification.

Handbooks: audit trail and reminders to ensure your employees are reviewing and signing your current and future policies.

Enhanced security: personal data on paper is a risk. Personal data in EOS greatly reduces risk of employee data loss and meets strictly-mandated privacy laws.

Secure, email-driven processes: automated messages link people to custom hiring portal.


Automated workflow: know exactly where your new employee is in the document completion process.

Elimination of paper hiring: no more signature chasing, copying, scanning, or looking for new cabinet space to store personnel files.

Free money: EOS provides Federal and State tax credit screening for all of your employee. Are you missing out on free money?

All forms e-fillable: policy acknowledgements, employee information, direct deposit, federal tax forms, benefits enrollment, etc.

Enterprise-wide connectivity: link EOS employee packages to other company departments or need.

Beyond federally compliant, simple, and efficient hiring, EOS includes:

EOS Audit-Ready™: a fast and powerful way to create compliant, accurate hiring document packages

Smart Policy Engine: automatically alert employees to changes and capture formal acknowledgments

EOS Tax Credit Finder: uncover free money in tax credits you’ve been missing because of mistakes in the screening and application process, the most common reason for denial

EOS also provides secure, ongoing paperless access to all records and files, connects to existing HRIS and other enterprise-wide systems, and even generates company letters and notifications.

Comply. Employ. Grow.

Onboard, with EOS

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